About Me

I believe in the power of web technologies for exploring data driven solutions to intriguing research questions. I enjoy learning and have a strong background in electronic data collection, scaffolding research inquires, and developing rich data visualizations to communicate results. My career as a web developer and background in health science uniquely position me to think critically when solving problems across diverse domains. Additionally, I enjoy finding design driven solutions to provide websites with a rich UI. When not coding, I will be found baking cookies or exploring the wonders of the natural world.


GeoNet Medical Response (GMR)

GMR is a web application to connect field teams with patients in hard to reach areas. The prototype for this software is focused in Sierra Leone and uses synthetic data for expectant and post-partum mothers. Connecting field teams with patients through short message service and a data driven dashboard expands the reach of a resource limited workforce. Additionally, this service is based off of the What3Words geocoding platform to provide a unique and precise addressing system that enables emergency responders to deliver critical care rapidly.

Explore GMR here and see the code on GitHub

Predictive Analytics for Laboratory Safety and Security (PALSS)

PALSS Dash is a prototype application built with the intent of reducing the incidence of workplace accidents. It enables management to go beyond the tabular data and explore when and where events have occurred to enhance planning and preparation. This application was a personal project using a Node.js backend. The UI was utilized the React framework and data visualization was developed using D3 wrappers.

Explore the PALSS Dashboard here and see the code on GitHub

Analytics for the Investigation of Disease Outbreaks (AIDO)

AIDO is a decision support tool that is intended for use during infectious disease outbreaks. It provides a user with an ordered list of outbreaks that are grouped by a similarity algorithm to provide the most relevant information to a given input scenario. My work on this project included user interface design, backend research, and development of an automated statistical test to identify disease specific properties for inclusion in the similarity algorithm.

Explore AIDO here

Re-emerging Disease Alert (RED Alert)

RED Alert is a web application developed to help users prepare and better plan for infectious diseases that have re-emerged as a public health threat. The application's intended scope of use is for observing historical disease trends in a way that allows users to better understand the geospatial and temporal context of a situation of interest. Additionally, RED Alert supports hypothesis generation of disease impact on a global scale. My work on this project included designing the user interface, developing a framework for the implementation of a machine learning classifier, and collaborating with subject matter experts at the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control to develop a quantifiable definition of re-emergence.

Explore RED Alert Here


Explore the tools that help me provide exceptional service for my clients

As a webdeveloper and data analyst I have experience with several technologies, but I am constantly learning more. If you don't see a framework or a language that you would like to work with, ask me about my experience or visit my GitHub repository.

  • Javascript

    Javascript is one of the core web development technologies and underlies every web project I work on.

  • HTML

    The fundamental structure for all of my web development projects comes from HTML5.

  • CSS

    The ability to design ornante front end user interfaces come from this cornerstone of web programming. CSS3 is utilized in all of my web projects.

  • SQL

    I have worked with several relational database management systems including the dialects Postgres, mySQL, and SQLite.

  • React

    React is my preferred framework due to the organizational benefits of component-based architecture and the simplicity of a unidirectional data flow. Redux complements React for data management facilitating reactive design on multiple components

  • Node.js

    Node.js is my favorite backend scripting language. I use it to prop up a server capable of handling multiple URL requests and interacting with my databases.

  • R

    R is the language I use most frequently for performing statistical analysis and data cleaning. The clean syntax and depth of available libraries enable me to tackle almost any analysis task. I also have experience working in SAS and STATA.

  • ArcGIS

    ArcGIS was used in several projects for descriptive mapping and spatial analysis. It is one of my favorite technologies for visualizing data.

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